We set up the all-tenant Scrutiny Panel in April 2016. Its objectives are to:
  • promote accountability
  • act as a bridge between us and our tenants
  • monitor our services and performance
  • make sure WFHA is well run
  • promote good service and procurement, and
  • ensure WFHA works transparently.

The panel currently consists of five members, who were appointed following a round of competitive interviews.

Our panel members receive appropriate training and take part in annual appraisals. As well as monitoring our performance, they can also carry out in-depth reviews of individual services, with their recommendations going to the Board.

We always have vacancies, so we invite tenants to apply to join the Panel. You would need to be available for six meetings a year and be willing to attend an additional training day.

Theresa McKenzie

Stephen Dudmish

Jackie Ginger

Arthur Bernard

Quam Jaji

Other ways to get involved

If you would like to get involved in our work in other ways, you could join our Tenant Consultative Pool. The Pool helps us to review and improve services. To find out more, phone us or email