People want to move for lots of reasons. Unfortunately, at WFHA, we have a limited number of homes. In addition, around 60% of our tenants live in sheltered or supported housing. This means we may find it difficult to offer you a change of home.

In this section, we provide information about getting a transfer. However, for families needing a larger home, we recommend that you also try to get a move by making a mutual exchange.

Only a small number of our homes become vacant each year. When they do, Waltham Forest Council has the right to nominate people to all our empty properties.

To get a transfer, you would need a good reason to move. We prioritise people who are under-occupying, with more bedrooms than they need, or people who have a medical need. However, even with an extremely good reason, you might wait a long time for a transfer.

We don’t offer transfers to people who owe us rent.

You can apply for a transfer by downloading our transfer form.

Please complete the form and send it to our office with any supporting medical information. Alternatively, you can email the form to

You have the right to swap your home (make a ‘mutual exchange’) with another tenant. This includes the tenants of other landlords. You will need the permission of both landlords.

When you swap homes, you are also swapping tenancies. This means your rights may change. It is important for you to be clear about what sort of tenancy you will have. You are welcome to ask our advice.

You can find a swap partner by signing up to a national online scheme called HomeSwapper. This service is free for our tenants, because we are a partner organisation.

Once you have found a swap partner, visited each other’s homes and made sure you understand what sort of tenancy they have, you need to involve both landlords. Don’t plan your move until we have both said ‘yes’.

To ask our permission, download our mutual exchange form,and return it to the Housing Services Team.

We have the right to refuse permission if you:

  • owe us rent
  • have broken your tenancy agreement
  • have been involved in anti-social behaviour, or if
  • your home is the wrong size for your swap partner.

We will give you our decision within six weeks.