We are responsible for the structure of the property, communal areas and the fixtures and fittings we supplied.

You are responsible for any items you bring into the property, including all white goods (fridges, cookers etc), your garden and all interior decorations.

Please be aware that our repairs service doesn’t cover any damage caused by your, your family or visitors to your home.

There are also some repairs that we don’t repair. We will tell you about this when you get in touch with us. For example, if your sink is blocked, we will only send out a contractor if you have first tried to unblock it yourself. If the contractor tells us the blockage was caused by you (for example, food waste, fat or hair), we will pass on the cost of the repair to you.

The chart below gives you more details about who repairs what.

We have you covered on repairing: In return, we ask you to look after:
Foundations and external walls Door bells, door knockers and security chains
Pipework into and out of the property Gardens including trees
Kitchen units and worktops Bleeding radiators
Extractor fan repair and replacement Changing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters
Central heating system Showerhead cleaning and descaling
Communal internal and external redecorations Electric showers/mixer taps/shower heads if installed by you
Asbestos testing and removal Extractor fan, trickle air vent and air vent cleaning
Communal lights Fixing or replacing plugs and chains to basins and baths
Keeping WCs, sinks, baths and gullies free from blockages
Gaining entry due to lost keys
Replacement of lost keys or door entry fobs (there will be a charge for any we replace for you)
Replacing batteries for smoke alarms
Installing appliances correctly
Draught excluder
Toilet seat replacement