Sheltered Accommodation

WFHA’s sheltered housing schemes give older people, aged 55 and over, the independence of their own flat, with the security of an community alarm system and tenancy support from our staff.

Our larger schemes have communal facilities.

Most of our new tenants are referred to us by the Council. However, we also keep a waiting list.

Intensive housing management service

Our Independent Living Co-ordinators provide an intensive housing management service to all our sheltered housing tenants.

The service operates from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and includes daily, twice-weekly or weekly visits, depending on your need.

During these visits, your independent living officer can:

  • give you general advice about living independently
  • help you maintain your tenancy
  • advise you on claiming benefits and help you with completing forms
  • help you to get any additional support you need, and
  • tell you where you can get support to manage any debts.

Out-of-hours support

Our sheltered scheme tenants also have access to 24-hour emergency support via a community alarm system that is monitored by a control centre.

Every flat has a module and we can also give you a pendant to wear if you need one.

This means that you can easily call for help in an emergency. An experienced call taker will answer and can quickly arrange for the emergency assistance you require.

Housing Pro-Active

We offer a support service, known as Housing Pro-Active, which lets us know that you’re OK.

We will give you a special phone, with a button to press each day. This tells us you are fine. If you don’t press the button, you will get a call to check things are alright. If you don’t respond, we contact your next of kin.

If you choose to opt out of this service, we will still give you a quick call once a month.