We will complete repairs within the following timescales.

These repairs are not an urgent priority.

Routine repairs might include:

  • minor repairs to internal walls, doors, skirting boards and so on
  • routine repairs to gutters, roofs and outside walls
  • minor kitchen and bathroom repairs
  • minor floor repairs
  • minor repairs to fences, paths and garden gates, and
  • minor work to exterior brickwork or rendering.

These repairs may seriously affect how you use your home or its facilities.

Urgent repairs might include:

  • minor plumbing leaks
  • faulty door entry systems
  • a faulty shared TV aerial
  • damaged stairs and handrails
  • floor damage that puts people’s health and safety at risk
  • a severe roof leak, or
  • partial loss of electricity (not caused by one of your appliances tripping the power supply.

Please note: To be a genuine emergency, the problem must either put people’s health and safety at serious risk, or threaten to cause major damage to the property.

Emergency repairs might include:

  • a burst pipe
  • total loss of electricity (not caused by one of your appliances tripping out the power supply)
  • a blocked drain
  • a blocked toilet (if you only have one and you have tried to clear the blockage)
  • flooding to your home
  • security problems with external doors or windows
  • heating or hot water appliances breaking down (the contractor will offer you temporary heating if the repair can’t be completed straight away)
  • where there is damage to the structure of the property, or
  • where there is fire damage.