If you decide to move from your home, remember to:

  • complete a termination of tenancy form and give at least four weeks’ notice
  • pay all the rent you owe to the end of your tenancy
  • leave the property in good condition and take all your belongings with you (or we may recharge you the cost of putting things right)
  • hand over all keys by 12 noon on the Monday your tenancy ends
  • contact your energy and other suppliers, and
  • give your new (forwarding) address to WFHA and everyone else who will need it.

There is more detail below.

Your tenancy agreement sets out that you must give us four weeks’ written notice when you are moving out. Your tenancy will technically end on a Sunday, but we will give you until noon on Monday to return the keys.

You can download a termination of tenancy form, or contact the Housing Services Team for a paper copy.
If you have to move out in an emergency, please contact the Housing Services Team as soon as possible.

You must pay your rent until the end of your notice period, even if you move out earlier.

This includes paying any arrears – even if they are due to money being owed by Housing Benefit. It is up to you to sort this out with the Council.

If you paid your rent in advance, please ask for a refund.

When you give us notice, we will arrange to inspect your home, so that we have a list of the repairs needed before we re-let.

We expect you to complete any repairs that are your responsibility and leave the property in reasonable condition.

When you move out, you must take all your belongings and clear out any rubbish. You must not take any of our fixtures and fittings with you.

If we have to sort out anything that is your responsibility, we will pass on the cost to you.

Please contact your energy companies and your phone provider, if you have a landline, to tell them you are moving.

You will need to give electricity and gas readings on the day you move out, so that you are billed correctly.

You don’t need to get your electricity or gas cut off, but please switch off your supply.

You must deliver all your keys, in person, to our office by 12 noon on the Monday your tenancy ends. If you move out over the weekend, you will need to come to the office on Monday morning – please don’t post keys through the letterbox.

If you don’t return the keys, we will have to charge you for changing the locks.

We ask for your new address in case we need to contact you about anything.

Paying the Post Office to redirect your mail can be a good idea.

Please note: If you leave damaged fixtures and fittings, rubbish or furniture behind when you move, we will bill you for repairing or removing it. For more details, see Rechargeable repairs.