Farewell to olexandra stepaniuk

At our AGM on Tuesday 24th September we said farewell to our longest serving Board Member Olexandra Stepaniuk. Olex had been with WFHA for twelve years and had seen many changes at WFHA.

Below is an extract from Olex’s farewell speech.

˜Good governance is very difficult to define. I am sure that the present Board, with the structures in place to support it, is really well placed to take on the challenges of the new Code of Governance.

Perhaps one of the challenges of good governance is to balance meeting those needs of tenants which are the associations legitimate concern; good housing; good services; making a difference and improving quality of life – with the needs of the organisation which also has to survive.

Throughout my housing career, I heeded the words of my first employer at St Pancras Housing Association. Put the tenant first and everything else will follow I kept these words very close to me.

So I’ll leave you with that wishing you all the best and thanks for everything, Olex