Reminiscence day at chapel end school

On the 25th June, Staff and tenants attended Chapel End School to reminisce about the seaside.

The children from the school had just come back from a trip to the seaside and were full of stories of their day, which they shared with us.

Tenants and Staff showed some old photographs and shared some personal memories of the seaside with the children so they could see how things had changed over the years.

The children were amazed at the photographs of the seaside from the past and how things had changed.

They also gave us an insight into some of their interesting ideas of what it was like in the golden days”.

The event was a great success with children, tenants and staff alike having a wonderful day.

This event was just one of the reminiscence events that we are holding throughout the year. Linked to this, we are arranging a trip to the seaside for all our sheltered tenants on 26th July.

Our tenants will be writing articles about the Reminiscence Day and their trip in July, which will be showcased at their anniversary party in September.

Arrangements are already being made for a further event in the Autumn.

Our thanks go to Chapel End School, staff and pupils for inviting us to share our memories with them.