Sometimes you may report a repair which is your responsibility to carry out. If you cannot carry this out, if it affects other tenants or there is a health and safety concern we will carry out the repair but we will recharge the cost to you.

Examples of repairs which will be recharged

  • Re-glazing
  • Lock changes if you have lost keys and are locked out
  • Blockage of toilets/sinks/baths caused by food, hair, fat or other household items
  • Contents clearance
  • Storage of contents resulting from abandonment or eviction
  • Damage resulting from do-it-yourself activities (this may include neighbouring properties)
  • Damage to any fixtures, fittings or appliances including glazing
  • Damage to the structure of the building
  • Vacated property left in unsatisfactory condition (including the garden and outhouses)
  • Missed appointments with contractors