Rechargeable Repairs

Your tenancy agreement includes the following tenant’s duty:

To make good any damage and pay for the cost of any repairs to the property, its fixtures fittings and installations, and any other common areas, caused by the tenant members of your household, invited visitors or pets. The Association may carry out such works and charge the cost to the Tenant.
If, when you report a repair, it seems possible that the cost may have to be recharged, the staff member dealing with your call will explain this, and the process for informing you whether there will be a recharge and payment after that.

Examples of repairs which will be recharged

  • Re-glazing
  • Lock changes if you have lost keys and are locked out
  • Blockage of toilets/sinks/baths caused by food, hair, fat or other household items
  • Contents clearance
  • Storage of contents resulting from abandonment or eviction
  • Damage resulting from do-it-yourself activities (this may include neighbouring properties)
  • Damage to any fixtures, fittings or appliances including glazing
  • Damage to the structure of the building
  • Vacated property left in unsatisfactory condition (including the garden and outhouses)
  • Missed app