We want you to enjoy living in your home, so we are committed to providing a repairs service you can rely on.

The easiest way to report a non-emergency repair is by:

  • calling the office on 020 8524 6987, select option 1 or
  • sending an email to

However, if your repair is a gas repair, please call Swale Heating on 01795 503365.

Out of hours emergency repairs and make safe service

Our out of hours emergency service will sort out problems that affect your immediate health and safety or the structure of the building.

If you have a non-gas emergency outside our normal office hours, call our emergency contractors on telephone number 020 8524 2822. They will visit to make the situation safe. But they may need to complete the repair on another day.

Our non-gas emergency service can deal with items such as:

  • Electrical fittings in contact with water
  • Sewage overflowing indoors
  • Burst storage tanks, cylinders or pipes
  • A leak you cannot contain
  • Failure of all lights or all power (but first check the fuse board for tripped circuits and that you have credit on your meter)
  • Failure of electric heating systems in severe weather and where you have no alternative.

If your gas heating systems fails in severe weather and you have no alternative, you should call Swale Heating on telephone number 01795 503 365.

If you smell gas or fumes, call Cadent immediately on 0800 111 999

For all other repairs, please call us on the next available working day.

Please note: To be a genuine emergency, the problem must either put people’s health and safety at serious risk, or threaten to cause major damage to the property. The contractor is asked to ‘make safe’ and will return to complete the job on another day.

There is a list of examples of what counts as an emergency here.

If our contractor attends and it is not a genuine emergency, we will pass on the cost of the repair to you.

Access to your property

Our contractors need access to your property for repairs and safety checks. Please make sure you are in on the day and for the whole time of your appointment. You can also help by clearing the area around the repair.