Tenants 50th anniversary party

On the 27th September, WFHA threw a party for all the tenants to celebrate WFHAs 50th anniversary.

The party was a huge success, with over 80 tenants attending from across all of our properties and services.

Each tenant received a WFHA anniversary bag with an annual report, a three course roast dinner meal, which was served at their tables by WFHA staff.

We had a magnificent musical theatre performance by the Variety Collective Group, who showcased music starting from the Queens Coronation year to her Jubilee.

Below are some of the comments from the tenants

What a wonderful afternoon, the music took me back to my childhood “ thank you WFHA Sheila – Millennium House

Thank you to all the staff of WFHA putting on such a wonderful afternoon for us all Elizabeth“ Wingrove House

Boueti had such a wonderful time today, he loves music and he thoroughly enjoyed himself “ Donna“ Outward Housing on Behalf of MBoueti a tenant at the Drive